How to handle a Shopping cart disconnect on eBay


Getting a shopping cart disconnect on eBay is frustrating. Frustrating for the seller, but even more so for the buyer. Customers frustrated with trying to complete a simple transaction, eventually give up and go else where. For Canadian eBay sellers this issue has been a thorn in their sides for a very long time. They have lost numerous sales along with loyal customers. Hopefully this guide will help everyone.

When shopping on eBay you will come across many Canadian sellers offering wonderful items with great prices and shipping just right for you, but there seems to be a hitch when adding multiple items to a cart or basket from these sellers.

If you are shopping on (United States) or (United Kingdom) and you are buying more than 1 (one) item from a Canadian seller, it seems that you can not add all those items to your U.S shopping cart or U.K shopping basket.

eBay support knows this. They have always maintained that the Canadian cart was never designed to be compatible with U.S buyers or U.K buyers. They state that the cart works just fine. So what’s an interested buyer to do?

Here is a tip to fix the issue

I can give you one of the easiest solutions to avoid frustrations. When you find an item you want, open another tab in your browser and go straight to and login in. Your username and password will work with ALL eBay sites all around the world. From there you can shop from anyone in Canada. You see the item you want, the price is right and the shipping is perfect, pop it all into your cart or basket and off you go.

Of course we don’t know ahead of time from who we will buy or from what country. So if you come to a problem, you can always email the seller. Let them know you are having difficulty adding more than one item to your cart. They will be able to guide you and they will be happy to do so. With all the competition in online selling, getting the customer to your store is not always easy. Keeping that customer happy and coming back is what we try to do.

In my store Ladys Clothes Jewelry Crafts & Toys I have not run into this problem. I have written this post because I think it is important to help other sellers and all customers in any way possible. So the next time you’re shopping and you get the shopping cart disconnect problem, email the seller, they’ll be more than happy to help.

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